Monday, February 7, 2011


Just now, Arthur and I went out for a few minutes of basketball. We haven't been able to do it much lately due to weather, but it is a cloudy 52 today. My first shot went in, nothing but net. Arthur and I ran down the drive dribbling and back a few times and kept shooting baskets. In the next few minutes, in between missed baskets and some off the back board or rim, I made five swishers!

Why is this so astounding? Because just a few months ago I could barely make a basket! My strength had diminished so much I couldn't correct my shot for it. I could still hit the backboard, but hardly ever make a shot. Swishers were fond memories from high school, when I could make them from half court.

So today I am very thankful to be getting strong enough to be able to put the ball where I aim it! Praise the Lord! Arthur has a more energetic playmate now, which makes him happy too.