Saturday, June 11, 2011

Independence and fun for Arthur at Sacajawea

This weekend marks the fourth time we've attended the BlueGrass Festival and Dutch Oven Rendezvous held at the confluence point on the Columbia River where Lewis and Clark camped with Sacajawea so many moons ago. One of the bands remarked last night, it is the most beautiful location they play in, and they've played all over the Northwest.

Arthur enjoys the beauty of the place, as well as listening to the toe-tapping music, eating the tasty vendor food offerings, and until this year, camping. First thing he did when we got out of the car was start to collect twigs and small branches for a campfire. He was disappointed when Mom and Dad told him we would camp another time this summer but not this weekend, they being too frazzled from the pace of life to get it together.

However, soon Dad and Mom were rejoicing to see how secure and confident Arthur is in this park we've come to each year. We had volunteered to watch one of the gates for arm bands, so we set our chairs way over to the side of the audience. Arthur took his and joined the main audience, waving at us frequently.

For supper, he chose to eat at one of the picnic tables the festival sets up near the food vendors, behind the audience, while we held down our gate job. Soon Robert, the eight year old grandson of frequent jammer, Dennis Irby, delighted Arthur with his presence. (Arthur and Robert have become buddies at the jams, playing with Arthur's markers, watching his shows together and other antics.) Soon they were playing hide and seek under the picnic tables, until Robert brought out a center-less Frisbee. They played for hours, stopping for tickle wrestling occasionally. Dad joined in for a while too.

So, to say Arthur had a good time at the festival this year would be an understatement. Mom and Dad enjoyed relaxing in the fine weather, chatting with friends, listening to much music in the lovely setting. But the top of their time was Arthur's good time!