Sunday, July 1, 2012

Stellar Saturday

Saturday was super for us here! After breakfast all three of us worked at getting the staples out of the living room/hall floor. Arthur used knee pads like his dad and I leaned down from a rolling chair. (The living furniture had already joined ranks with the family room furniture earlier on Thursday, with Dennis' brother Alan and his friend helping move the heavier pieces. They also hauled the old gold carpet out to the truck, then Arthur hauled the pad pieces out there on Friday.)

After a quick lunch, Arthur helped Dennis add a load of branch trimmings to the truck before everything got tied down. We packed our instruments in the back seat with Arthur and took off for the dump outside Pasco. Our highlight at the dump was watching an old camper slide off the incline of a hydraulic trailer, with the back hoe operator quickly smashing it to smaller pieces after it landed on the cement. I imagined the satisfaction that man has in his job!

Then we were on to Sacajawea State Park to play in a circle jam for the Daughters of Pioneers luncheon. The day was supposed to be the high 80's, but instead we had light cloud cover and misting rain, so it was beautifully calm, cool and green in the park. We played under a canopy with three others to keep the rain drops off our instruments.

Beside this being relaxing and fun for me I was very encouraged by Arthur being part of the jam! He doesn't have his chords down but strummed the old 3/4 Harmony guitar quietly when others were soloing and louder when everyone played. He sings the words to three songs, so every time it was his turn, he had a song to sing and play with everyone playing along!

Next we were off to pick up fund-raiser Rainer cherries in west Pasco, then on to Richland to pick up Dennis's computer. The computer repair people at Alpha had fixed it again but recommend he take it up with Apple next time anything goes wrong since they feel it is a lemon and that Apple should replace it. The computer shop is in "antique row" so we feasted our eyes on the delights of two shops, only buying an LP, a CD and a VHS-- antique media!

Dennis had heard of a place called The Hub where local farmers and ranchers are bringing their produce and meat for sale. We found they also carry stuff from the delivery service food coop called Azure Standard, so had lots of good things to chose from, including curried cauliflower wraps and vegetable bistro soup which we took home for a delicious supper!

As I got supper on the table, I noticed the freezer was not cold enough to keep the food frozen. Now, for most people, having their refrigerator break down would not be happy news, but not for us! Our brown refrigerator is every bit as old as our gold carpet, we figure 25 years at the least, but it didn't seem right to give up a working refrigerator! After we ate, I happily took our meat over to the freezer at work and then checked out a couple places, amazed at the range of choices in refrigerators!

I picked up Dennis and Arthur and together we checked out two more places until the stores closed at 9 pm. We are getting narrowed down, will do a little more shopping before we buy. In our very cozy TV viewing area in the family room, we drank vanilla chai decaf and watched an episode of Monk's first season on Netflix before turning in. Such a fun day, and we even got some work done too!