Friday, May 27, 2011

Arthur's trampoline gets fixed

Several weeks ago, when mowing the lawn, Dennis moved the trampoline as he always does. But this time during the move, one of the legs swung around away from its home in the the enclosure pole above it and was left, unknown to us, under the mat. Arthur went out to jump as usual, with guardian angels watching over him. The pole jutted through the fabric and he got off, unharmed. When I asked him he didn't jump the next day, he said "Hole," and showed me the spot. My heart sunk.

Thankfully, he hadn't been hurt. But it came at a busy, stressful time so nothing was done for several weeks. Last week Dennis found a place locally that said they could repair it. We unlaced the enclosure netting that had been such a bear to lace on, and Dennis detached the 80 springs from the mat. Arthur and I dropped it off on Monday at Final Touch Upholstery.

They called on Wednesday to say it was done! A large patch sewn underneath and lots of stretchy thread stitched over the hole on top, less than $20. To get it back on the frame, we couldn't locate the tool that came with the trampoline so Dennis contrived a hooked awl. But after the first 15 or 20 springs, it was getting impossible to pull the mat to the springs! Then he figured out a way to pull the springs hooked onto the mat over to the frame with the awl and we got all 80 reattached as the sun was sinking. I imagined me trying to do that all by myself and knew it just wouldn't have happened! We are very thankful for Dad's strength and ingenuity!

Arthur got on the trampoline and leaped high and strong, like he'd never had the 4-6 week break. His continual working out at the gym has made him so much stronger! We noticed that fact a few days ago as well when we played tennis with him. He is stronger and much more coordinated on the tennis court now, going for the ball, even back handing it.

It is very nice to have the trampoline fixed. I can even face lacing the enclosure down again!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

George goes to the vet

Yes, our three year old long-haired cat, George, has lost yet another life. I don't know how many he has left, but he has apparently made it through this scrape.

We noticed a scratch above his eye Tuesday morning that over the next few days grew so swollen his eye could barely open, plus the area was looking yucky. Dennis held a moist hot compress over it on Thursday evening whilst George murmured.

Friday morning, Arthur and I put George in the cat carrier and checked him in at Banfield Pet Hospital about 9:30 am. A busy schedule of surgeries and other pets to see left George in his carrier until after 5:00 pm. He was not happy and let everyone know loudly, which is out of character for George. The vet gave him a $56 shot of antibiotic and Dennis brought him home.

That evening when we got home from shopping, George greeted Arthur and me with an insulted look like, "How could you have done this to me?" and he did look worse for the wear, with his fur looking greasy from all those hours in that plastic cage. But Saturday morning the swelling was decreasing and he looked very grateful. Evidently, the scratch had gone through his eyelid!

Today marks a week since his injury and his eye is nearly fully open again. He is full of vim and vigor, and hopefully, a little wiser now! We don't know what creature scratched him, but he does and maybe he'll try to avoid more confrontations.