Sunday, April 1, 2012

With Keith in Seattle, March 23-25, 2012

Dennis was was very taken with the bathroom decor
at Cactus. See the last picture on this post for
details about this. My photo posting skills
are lacking so the pictures are not in chronological order.

30,000 square feet of antiques in a place near Safeco Field yielded this treasure of an idea. The "chandeliers" are built from wire tubes resembling tomato cages, with the wires splayed out at the top. Clothespins attach pages from a book to each wire to create softened florescent light, transforming the high ceilinged warehouse into a palace! The man who dreamed these up and built them had several more creative ideas gracing this vendor's large section of the place.
Monday evening we left the antique warehouse and drove back to the hotel to fetch Keith, done with his meeting, then found a Korean restaurant.

We took these while we were waiting for the delicious beef
with lettuce and sweet and sour chicken served with rice, sweet corn soup and tea.

Back at the hotel, Arthur enjoys mimicking Keith.
I couldn't resist capturing the guys hanging together,
each with their own Apple product!

We found a fabulous Mexican food spot
called Cactus for lunch Monday.
The food, decor and service was way beyond ordinary!
Not pictured was our tour of Pike Street Market and
Magic Mouse Toy Store with Keith on Monday morning.
It was great to get to catch up with Keith. We even did a
few songs together in the motel room!