Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New kitchen floor and a visit from Zach

Zach came to help out with the remodel for several days last week. It was a blessing to have him here to lend his hands and muscle, as well as to celebrate Dennis' birthday.

Among many other tasks done, he helped us finish cleaning out the thinset between the tiles so we could get it grouted. Four weeks after beginning camp cooking in the living room, the stove island was reinstated in the kitchen, with his help! The table is back in the dining room! And the washer and dryer are back at work in the laundry room! All three rooms now have 18 inch porcelain tile (offwhite with taupe lowlights) set on the diagonal in malt colored grout. The floor looks great but since the room hasn't been repainted yet, the full effect awaits that task. I am still in shock from the amount of work and time it took to get the floor done, and from the change. I did not work my fingers to the bone but my fingernails were certainly worn down and nerves got a bit frayed!