Tuesday, February 26, 2013

February, 2013

February is coming to a close. Dennis got the kitchen window trimmed in alder after we painted the kitchen walls and ceiling a light chocolate color, with the ceiling lighter than the walls. But first, he reconfigured two soffits because we took out and moved cabinets to move the refrigerator. That meant demolition, rebuilding with sheet rock, mud, sanding-- lots of evenings worth of work.

Lately, he reconstructed the wall in the hall where the bathroom door was moved over 8 inches so that is ready to paint. He also installed the new Craftsman style door that goes from the hall into the living room. And has filled and mudded the triple-window unit in the living room and around the front door. So we are very close to being able to paint the living room and hall! We already have the paint. Then the alder the trim can go up-- it is all ready. And then the wood floor will go down!

I sent some photos of the kitchen to several people by email and thought I could put them up here, but alas, I cannot figure it out!

In other news, today I painted the sunny area near the back door at work for a studio for me to design and sew quilts when time permits. I plan to have one wall covered with flannel or something similar to be able to 'stick' fabric pieces to when designing. The other two adjoining walls of my alcove I plan to adorn with a 15 foot timeline and other items of interest or beauty to me.

Blue grass jams continue to be a pleasure to take part in. It is so welcome to have a group of people to make music with, to share old songs together and learn new ones and harmonize, encourage, enjoy! Such a super format!