Sunday, September 16, 2012


We've been remodeling our house since spring this year. Right now, our garage holds 8 windows yet to be installed, hard wood flooring for living room, hall & bedroom, two bathtubs, a bathroom vanity, toilet and two alder wood doors for the bath and laundry. (The monstrous jetted tub, free from Lowe's display floor, will go to the dump in time!) On the back porch, porcelain tile for another 800 sq ft sits ready for the kitchen, dining and laundry. The living room carpet is out, the kitchen has been rearranged, two large windows have been replaced and we have a new craftsman style front door of alder wood installed.

Almost a week ago, my sister Mimi and her husband Chuck drove up from Tucson to tackle our large bathroom remodel. After tearing out the old bathroom, Chuck and Dennis have now moved the wall separating the laundry and the bath to make the bathroom so that the bath will have nearly 14 more sq ft! This has allowed us to add a shower, the base of which will go in soon! After Chuck completes the plumbing and wiring, working often in the narrow crawl space under the house, the new wall will get sheet rocked. Then the floor will be readied for a tile floor before the tub, vanity and toilet go in. Dennis is tearing out the old doors and getting the ceiling ready for the sheet rock today.

In the meantime, Mimi helps with precise diagrams of where everything goes and both of us frequently sweep up or make runs to the hardware store. Arthur helps too, loading the demolition debris onto the truck. Mimi and I have enjoyed fixing delicious, healthy recipes to feed the troops. I took her to the Farmer's Market and Becky's Second Hand for great finds. We hope to get working on the quilt she has in mind for her bed out of lovely palette of Japanese batiks. It's been a great blessing to have them here!

Hopefully, next post will have photos!